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Our Philosophy/Our Approach

The DreamOn Group is committed to creating meaningful social change through community investment. The reason is simple. Community is at the center of everything we do. We take a purpose-driven approach to innovating ideas, creating sustainable designs, and building new spaces that will improve the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. We work collectively with local industry leaders, area organizations, partners, and neighbors to ensure that every project brings lasting value and opportunities to each community and person it touches.

Development Process

Curating and forming a Development Concept

The most exciting and empowering moment in any project is at the beginning when we explore the potential and creative possibilities that lie ahead. While DreamOn always strives to create value utilizing the skills and imagination of everyone involved in a project, our bottom line is what a project can do for the community it exists in. At this step in the process, we focus on surrounding ourselves with interested stakeholders, creating our guiding principles, and establishing a clear vision.

Feasibility Analysis

A development feasibility study involves the analysis of all assumptions involved in a project. Studies include a careful examination of the market demand, site utilization, financial pro forma, team members, investment strategy, and other key decisions that will allow projects to advance. The analysis helps us to understand what elements are needed to make the development project successful and sustainable for the life of its contribution to the economy and community.

Consultant Team Selection

Selecting the right partners for a project is one of the most important steps in the development process. Each project team, comprised of key stakeholders, professional consultants, and our project team, must align their values, goals, and vision for the project to succeed. Each team member should feel inspired by the work we do, is ready to inspire others to realize the project’s vision and will elevate the project with their professional experience and knowledge.

Project Financing Strategy and Procurement

The DreamOn Group has a proven track record of exploring the strategies and identifying the capital resources needed for a successful development project. The strategy phase of the deal structure is essential to every project, but it’s also the most rewarding part of the process. We consider a range of resources, including private and public grants, incentives, bond financing, and tax credits, to bring additional value and benefits to every project.

Construction Management

Drawing from the resources of our integrated construction company, Tejas Premier Building Contractor, Inc., we seamlessly move a project from concept and design into the execution phase. Together, we commission a highly-skilled group of managers, artisans, and leaders to transform the project vision into reality. Our construction management team is prepared to execute each project with a focus on alignment and pride in the development’s mission. Our fully integrated development team ensures that decisions are made and that stakeholders remain informed of project progress throughout the construction phase.

Property Marketing, Stabilization, and Property Management

DreamOn’s property management group develops a clear marketing plan and set goals for the stabilization of each project, well in advance of its construction completion. Our team manages the promotion and recruitment processes needed to establish relationships within the community and bring the project to market.

Diversity & Culture

The DreamOn Group is a family-owned business committed to growing through its diverse workforce and welcoming company culture. We believe that diversity and cultural engagement drive innovation, strengthen professional relationships, and encourage community. By engaging with our team, potential partners, and stakeholders, we can improve company performance and create new opportunities for communities and disenfranchised populations.

We believe in making a difference

Strategic Opportunities

Where traditional developers often fear the unknown, we embrace its potential opportunities. With decades of construction, development, and entrepreneurial experiences, our team expertly connects the resources and partners needed to build things that truly matter. Our team is here to provide key assessments, cost estimates, and real-time construction updates to our clients and partners throughout the project process. We look forward to working together and building thoughtful partnerships, integrated solutions, and delivering projects with high-caliber results.

We Believe in Quality not Quantity

We believe that business can be a force for good, which is why we choose to work solely on projects that will empower people and communities. We understand that a project’s worth is more than its profit line, so we focus on creating, designing and managing meaningful developments for the communities we live and work in.

We are proud to collaborate with partners, vendors and organizations to create thoughtful projects that offer financially, ecologically and culturally sustainable solutions. Together, we demonstrate what is possible when deep values combine with design thinking.

We believe in quality